richard tuohy
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Landscape Rippled and Rifted

16mm 9 minutes 2009

Made from original super 8 source footage from Steven Ball’s 2002 video work pools between land.

‘Movement through a forested landscape is photographically ‘disrupted’ with ripples and waves in a theme and variations form.’
The original colour super 8 footage was supplied in telecinied (video) form. From this video, selected shots – specifically the forest footage - were kinescoped onto 16mm black and white reversal film. Other images from the footage such as waves and ripples were kinescoped onto high contrast 16mm negative. These high contrast black and white negatives were then contact printed to make matching high contrast positives, there by making pairs of matching ‘traveling mattes’ for use in a contact printer. The print you see represents the 5th generation of these images (original super 8, telecine to video, kinescope onto 16mm, creation of optical printer negative, final positive print). The only constituents are the forest footage, positive and negative high contrast wave and ripple images made into loops, colour filters and leader.