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Personal details:
Richard Tuohy
Date of Birth: 12.8.1969
Address: 36 Grant St, Dayesford, Victoria 3460, Australia
Phone: +61 400 748 864

In Brief:
Richard Tuohy is one of the most active experimental film artists currently working on celluloid in Australia. His film ‘Iron-Wood’ won first prize (ex aequo) at ‘Abstracta 2009’ experimental film festival in Rome. He runs Nanolab in Australia – the specialist small gauge film processing laboratory. He actively encourages other artists to work with cine film through his Artist Film Workshop initiative (see He is also a founding director of the Australian International Experimental Film Festival.

In the late 1980s and early 1990s Richard was an active member of the Melbourne Super 8 Film Group. During this time, he was interested in narrative film making and made three long works on super 8 and 16mm. He then detoured into academic life for 7 years studying philosophy, first at La Trobe (where he received the David Hume honours prize for philosophy in 1995), then with an APA scholarship to undertake a PhD at the Australian National University (with a period in Germany).

After philosophy, Richard moved to Daylesford, built a house, and studied music and botany (privately) for some years. In 2005 he returned to filmmaking, but this time in the experimental/abstract cinema direction. In 2006 he and his partner started 'nanolab' as an artist run film laboratory offering super 8 processing. In 2009 he began submitting his films in international film festivals. Richard also helps to convene the Artist Film Workshop - a screening and educational forum in Melbourne for encouraging the use of film in art practice. He has run numerous AFW workshops both at nanolab and at AFW in Melbourne.

BA 1992 – 1994 La Trobe University. Philosophy major.
1995 BA Hons. La Trobe University Philosophy. H1.
After honours year at La Trobe, Richard was awarded APA scholarships for postgraduate study by La Trobe, Melbourne, Sydney, ANU, Macquarie, Brisbane and Flinder’s Universities.
Acepted PhD candidature at ANU (Philosophy) 1996 to 1998 with study at Ruhr Universitaet, Bocham, Germany in 1997.

1999 – 2006 Book Barn Daylesford.
2006 – Present. Proprietor of Nanolab.